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Home Insulation cutting heating bills

Chances are, you have the equivalent of a 2 – foot hole in your ceiling, letting heat out of the house. Home Insulation can slash heating bills! It doesn’t look like a 2 – foot hole, but it’s the equivalent of one, because there are a lot of small spaces around plumbing stacks, furnace Read More

Credit Companies Secrets

Credit Companies Secrets they don’t want you to know! Secrets credit companies don’t want you to know. This is a summation of a conversation I was privileged to overhear and to some extent be part of. Credit companies do a fantastic job disclosing  terms and conditions, even though in very small hard Read More

Combustion Air Vent

Combustion Air Vent – what you don’t know, or do can kill you! From the desk of Paladin Home Inspection   As a Stillwater home inspector, I know that a lot of homeowners are confused by some of the components of their home. One item I lookout for is a Read More

55 Plus Living, is that for you?

55 Plus Living “Retirement Homes” 55 plus, seniors only, or 55 and older communities can mean spending your retirement years living with people your own age. Making new friends, being active, new hobbies and exploring life to its fullest. The social life you had in college but without the studying. Sounds Read More