Bloomington, MN

Bloomington, MN:

Bloomington just south of Minneapolis, is the fourth largest city in Minnesota. It is home of the United States largest enclosed shopping center the Mall of America.  Located on the north bank of the Minnesota River above its confluence with the Mississippi River, Bloomington lies at the heart of the southern metro area, 10 miles south of downtown Minneapolis


Bloomington has more jobs per capita either Minneapolis or St Paul.  the Mall of America alone has over 12,000 employees. This lovely city is also the headquarters of Ceridan, HealthPartners, Holiday Station stores, Thermo King, and Toro. Other major operations: Express ScriptsSegate Technologies, Wells Fargo Bank and Polar Semiconductor are  based here as well.


Residential areas include upper-tier households in the western Bush Lake area with less expensive single-family homes, industry and destination retail centers in the central and eastern portions. Often locals will refer to themselves as from “East” or “West” Bloomington. The dividing line seems to be France Avenue.

Parts of Coen brothers film “A Serious Man” were filmed in the East  neighborhood because of its 1960s new development look.

Parks and Recreation:

Bloomington has an extensive city park system with over 1,000 square feet of parkland per capita. This does not include the beautiful  Hyland Lake Park Reserve in the west and Minnesota Valley National Refuge in the southeast, combined these two beauties offer great bird watching plus a multitude of other sports. .

Points of interest:

Historical Museum – Old Town Hall Museum

NWA History Center

The “Works” museum for kids

100Local points of interest

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