The land of opportunity is calling you

Florida The Sunshine State

 This page is in response to several requests for information regarding in Florida.
If you’re interested in properties in Minnetonka , Twin Cities or MN I’m your man. Not in Florida though, sorry.

Florida holds the title of being the “Number 1” investment market for real estate, both for domestic buyers, and for international investors.

Whether you’re looking for investment properties or wishing to finally get away from Minnesota’s “nice” winters, consider the land of opportunity. Minnesota temperture currently is 10 degrees while Florida has 74 degrees. Is there a question? Perhaps you consider yourself much too young to retire. Again think the land of opportunity. Take advantage of your youth. Your investment awaits you. Have your renters pay for it. When you’re ready to retire, your home is paid for. You retire debt free!

In all real estate transactions, you want and need a “local expert”. Someone who knows the market, and can help you find your “Dream Home”. Seldom, if ever, will you find a realtor referring you to another real estate company. However, because I want only the best for everyone, even if it means sending you to a competitor. Please allow me to introduce: “The Florida Moves Group” and Rob Mehta.

“The Florida Moves Group” can assist you with the entire real estate process; locating the property, negotiate price, closing; as well as manage your asset for a profitable return on your investment.

The State of Oppourtunity and “The Florida Moves Group” Rob Mehta await you.

For further information, or to talk with an honest, caring, local, full time real estate professional please fill out this short questionaire. It will go directly to “The Florida Moves Group”and Rob Mehta. They live there, work there, have access to nearly every property currently listed, plus knowledge of off-market and “coming-soon” properties.