Creek Realty is a Boutique Realty


A Boutique Realty?

When I say Creek Realty is a Boutique Realty specializing in catering to our clients above all else, you probably want to know exactly what that means. I’m happy to tell you.  As you’ve probably noticed, there’s a big difference between shopping in a large, depersonalized store and a creative boutique. One large store is the same as another; can’t get help when you need it most, no one knows who you are or,  where your files are. The large stores are only interested in numbers, you’re a number just another number. They have assistants who also have assistants, they call it the “Team” or “Group”, I see it as an assembly line. When you call, text or email me, I’m the one that answers. When we need to meet in person, I come to you at a time convenient for you. Sound odd? It’s service and respect for you, my client, my friend.


A Boutique Focuses on:

A boutique realty focuses on offering a unique experience with specialized choices and customized service.  That’s what we deliver, which is one of the reasons over 85% of my business is from referrals.  Of course, I’m also high tech — in today’s world that should be a given — but I’m more than that. My priority is serving you.

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