Creek Realty is a Boutique Agency!

Creek Realty I've got the keys to your new home

Creek Realty is a Boutique agency that specializes in catering to its clients.

When I say Creek Realty is a boutique agency that specializes in catering to its clients, you probably want to know exactly what I mean. I’m happy to tell you.

Boutique Realty

Creek Realty A Boutique versus the Big Names:

Large Realty
Large realty Large Teams No one knows where your file is, take a number get in line

As you’ve probably noticed, there’s a big difference between shopping in a large, depersonalized store and walking into a creative boutique. One large store is the same as another. You can’t get help when you need it most and no one knows who you are or where your files are. The large stores are only interested in numbers, using assistants who also have assistants. In real estate, they call it the “Team” method however, I see it as an assembly line. With each manager, each department, each real estate agent and each of there assistants there is a chance of delays. Lost or misplaced documents, miscommunications, failure to schedule or complete required scheduled inspections are common.

However, Creek Realty is a boutique focusing on offering a unique experience with specialized choices and customized service. We go one step further in that, you don’t come to our offices instead we come to you when it is most convenient for you.

Why use Duane Schroeder?

As I’m a part of Creek Realty I deliver you specialized choices and customized service. which is one of the reasons over 86% of my business is from referrals.

High tech:

Of course, I’m also high tech–in today’s world that should be a given–but I’m more that. My priority is serving you.


Listed/Sold countless homes ranging in price from $1 to $1 million dollars!  MBA in Real Estate St, Thomas, GRI, ePro, author of three real estate e-books, rated A+ by the BBB

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