55 Plus Living, is that for you?

55 Plus

55 Plus Living “Retirement Homes”

55 plus, seniors only, or 55 and older communities can mean spending your retirement years living with people your own age. Making new friends, being active, new hobbies and exploring life to its fullest. The social life you had in college but without the studying. Sounds like heaven, doesn’t it?

55 Plus Know before you buy?

The social club

55 plus party time?  A major benefit of a 55 plus community is the social aspect. Others there are of your age group and have many of your same interests. Not only will you meet people your age you’ll find most communities have planned events designed to meet others. These events may range from art to visiting foreign lands. Realtors®,  myself included always say location is where its at, location, location, location.

You find it is no different with a 55 plus community. If you enjoy participating in  winter sports Florida and Nevada may not be the best location for you. On the other hand if you enjoy scuba diving Florida might the best. There are 55 plus communities here in Minnesota. plus  communities nationwide and to some extent world wide each with their own amenities.


Most 55 plus communities are gaited with private security with varying degrees of  security offered. If you intend to travel in addition to living in a 55 plus community, verify what your 55 plus offers for security. Being away for extended periods of time, knowing your home is safe and secure will bring peace of mind.

However, No one under 55 allowed!

You may at first regard this as a different plus and that’s why your thinking of a 55 plus community. It can turn into a great negative. You may be used to the sound of happy children playing out side you won’t have that here. Perhaps there is a family emergency, your children even though they are adults or their children stay with you. Most 55 plus communities have time limits as to amount of time visitors can stay. Gramp’s cabin may be a thing of the past.

55 plus communities have HOA’s Home Owners Associations

All of those activates, the golf, swimming, art classes, mixers, whatever, come at a cost and it is spread across everyone. Every resident pays their “fair” share even though you may not  use them. The home owners association may impose strict rules that you don’t like. Like what color  you may paint your home. I know of one  community where the part of your curtains seen from the out must be white. Other common rules, size and breed of pets you may have and what you may plant I your yard.

55 plus living

At this time  you may feel these points are an acceptable trade off for you. But if you’re used to having full freedom to do as you wish with home improvements you might want to reconsider. Visit several 55 plus communities find out what the rules are and value then  “freedom” you’re giving up.


Personally, I have visited 8 or 9 seniors only homes here in Minnesota and sampled a few of their meals. All I can say is GREAT experience, none were advised we were coming, we just popped in on them. Everything was extremely clean, no odors, very friendly and upbeat. Our group was very impressed!

We found that there were several levels of their service capabilities or plans, just a place to live with persons of our age up to complete assisted care. All had a nurse or someone trained in care of the residents need on hand should the need arise.

Here links to Minnesota,  Nevada and Florida go ahead request information from them they will be happy to answer all your questions. And may possibly show you  plus 55 communities in their areas. Those links will take you to email addresses of agents and or representatives that work with 55 plus  communities.

Web sites for those same people: Minnesota, Nevada and Florida please note none are affiliated with the brokerage I’m  with. These are people I’ve known for a long period of time and respect.

My  Minnesota web site and office is located in beautiful Minnetonka, MN, voted “Best place to live” 2017 and Creek Realty is located in Bloomington, MN.

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