Winning the ISIS War!

War against ISIS and the Taliban

Winning  ISIS war ? Use Seabees!

Winning ISIS War – With any war including the war against ISIS and the Taliban there is killing, destruction and major costs, both physically and mentally that is to be expected,  The winner is the one, that killed and destroyed the most, correct? At issue with killing a terrorist is the terrorist has relatives and friends that had no interest in fighting until you kill the terrorist! The issue with destruction of entire cities is the residents don’t a place to live! Terrorism can be liken to a pyramid at the peak is your terrorist or the destruction of a city with each killing or destruction additional terrorists are born, many times ten fold. The only way to “win” the war with ISIS is, the total annulation of the entire population also known as genocide, not an acceptable method to any one.

Winning ISIS War

  1. Ignore them and hope they go away.
  2. Destroy or block their means of waging war.
  3. Eliminate what ever issues you can while waging war.
  4. Combine alternatives for the winning the war against ISIS. .

Ignoring terrorists is an approval of what they’re doing. Resulting in terrorists eventually waging war here. Not a good idea!

Destroy or block their means of committing war by its self seems like a good answer. Nearly impossible to do.

Eliminate whatever can be eliminated from destruction caused by the war, here there is a time proven answer. Rebuild what we destroy.

Combining alternatives, now we have a good strategy leading to an acceptable outcome. Lets consider combining numbers 2 and 3.

During the war against ISIS we use bombs, rockets, drones, artillery and “boots on the ground” each of these destroy, right? We’re not making residential or commercial improvements here and we are certainly not creating good will. Look at it this way, you come home tonight and not only is your home destroyed but so is you city, not good feelings here, right? Now, instead you come home to the same destruction finding your mud home is not only being rebuilt  its much better than before. How is this done and by who? Well, when we bombed airfields while fighting Japan and Germany a unit from the Navy came in and did the work and in record time. Not only did they do the work but they also mopped up  any combatant that remained.

Winning ISIS War, Use the Navy Seabees

Fight and build the US Navy Seabees
Can do the Navy Seabees

Seabees — their simple motto tells the story: “We build, we fight”. From the island hopping of World War II, the cold of Korea, the jungles of Vietnam, the mountains of Bosnia, to the deserts of Afghanistan and Kuwait, the Seabees have built or improved many roads, orphanages and public utilities. Why not have them rebuild the homes, roads and infrastructure we have destroyed, let the “Navy’s Goodwill Ambassadors”.
do their job. For more than 60 years the Seabees have repeatedly demonstrated their skills as fighters and builders, in peace and in war, they have lived their motto: “Can Do!

Winning ISIS War How to win it

  1. Cut off all methods of ISIS financing their war including the sale of black market oil.
  2.  Cut the availability for use and sale of illegal drugs by ISIS and the Taliban.
  3. Attack using means deemed necessary.
  4. Shut down or block their use of computers, cell phones and any other form of communication they may have.
  5. Seabees rebuild homes, cities and utilities provider damaged by war.
    1. Rebuild adding A/C units even there wasn’t any before
    2. Make the home secure and habitable
    3. Do not charge anything for the rebuild or any improvements made
      1. They are less expensive than going back due to ISIS coming back

You’ve killed the bad guys, freed us by destroying everything and now you rebuild everything for us, thank you. Wouldn’t that be more acceptable than the locals inviting the bad guys back?

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